In car Laptop Charger


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  • USB Charging Slot : 5v DC
  • Continuous Power : 150 W
  • Dual Color LED Power Indicator
  • 11 – 15 v DC To 150W/200W AC Power


  • In car Laptop Charger to gel with car interiors
  • Can charge a host of smart devices like laptop, cameras etc
  • Has inbuilt safety trip to prevent damage to expensive gadgets
  • Capable of charging larger devices safely and securely
  • Turn Your Car Cigarette Lighter Port Into A Standard Wall Power Outlet
  • Fashionable and smart can shape chargers to gel with your car interiors
  • Plug All Electronic Devices Into Power Inverter Using Their Standard Home Plugs
  • You can Plug In & Charge iPad, iPod, Cell phones, Laptops, Gaming Devices, CD And DVD Players, Etc
  • 150 Watts Continuous Power, Up To 180W/ 250W – Dual Color LED Power Indicator
  • Built-In Safe Circuit Fuse, Protects From Overcharging And Overheating
  • Powers Up Rapidly All Your USB Electronics