About Damson

Damson was established in the year 1998. Damson Technologies Private Limited began as a Hardware Solutions Provider and today is known as one of the biggest OEM players in the Indian market and a leading manufacturer of Computer Peripherals, Accessories and Lifestyle products. Damson Technologies designs, produces, and supplies electronic connectivity accessory solutions for mobile phones, MP3 devices and computers. Byte, CORSECA & DUCASSO are the flagship brands for its products.

Damson Technologies encourages innovation in all aspects of its business. Be it Technology that touches millions of lives every day or processes which make the technology possible or the service that makes our users smile or the logistics and supply capacity that our clients rely on. The basis for innovation is not restricted to the eureka moments alone, the company actively promotes studies and research towards discovering needs and developing ideas to fill those gaps. Damson Technologies thrives on its core philosophy – Innovation, Design and Quality Leadership.A dedicated team of product designers work on creating cutting-edge designs for our products. Also, we have long-term collaborations with leading Design Institutes and Design Studios to make sure our clients get the best.

We have a highly distinguished panel for continuously benchmarking quality and ensuring Damson Technologies is constantly improving in delivering quality products and services to its clients. For us , quality is a way of life, it encompasses everything we do. From product design to packaging to logistics and after-sales service, we benchmark all our processes against the best. We are proud to say that our rejection rates of .03% are getting better as you are reading this.

Damson offers a clear, scalable and participative sales and engagement model, which keeps you in control of the entire ordering and supply process. Well defined methods and SOPs ensure seamless execution and desired outcomes.

  • We have an elaborate on call web customer support network for all the brands and third party products done by us . We pride ourselves with less than 3% rejection rates .Elaborate predefined after sales process is drawn after mapping the business need and seamless customer experience.
  • Dedicated team to Monitor, Review and Service Key accounts.
  • Periodic Joint Review with Key account team to analyze SKU performance and derive Road Map ahead.
  • Provide quick customer redressal of service and performance related issue through close co-ordination between businesses and service support teams.
  • Dedicated team to Monitor, Review and Service Key accounts.
  • Provide 24/7 Helpline Number and E-Mail ID for trouble shooting. The numbers and e-mail ids will be prominently carried across all product packaging.
  • Clear Escalation Matrix to be provided with well-defined response time-lines and relevant authority matrix.
  • Mapping of all the critical processes and provide Process Documents on all the above processes.