Corseca Platina DMGPD08 with Powerbank DMB5208

Corseca Platina DMGPD08 with Powerbank DMB5208


Key Features of Corseca - Platina DMGPD08 with Powerbank DMB5208

  • Elegantly designed Diary with In-built Power Bank
  • Premium look & feel and plush finish.
  • 4-Card Holder
  • Calendar, World Times, World Holidays, International Abbreviations, World Info, Metrics, Clothing Sizes, Calorie Info, Cholesterol Content Info, Birthstones & Flowers, Astrological Signs etc
  • Important Addresses Page
  • Flexi-Dated format pages


  • Capacity: 8000mah
  • Grade 'A' Lithium Polymer Battery, Inbuilt Micro and Lightning charging cables.
  • Inbuilt USB Cable for charging Power Bank
  • Input: DC 5V/2.0A
  • Output: DC 5V/2.0A
  • Power Button
  • LED Power Status Indicators


Instructions for Use:

  1. USB Input to charge the power bank.
  2. Micro USB interface cable to charge Android and other devices

  3. Micro Lightning USB interface cable to charge iOS(Apple) devices

  4. Power Indicator:

    1. O : 0% - 25% Battery Remaining

    2. OO : 25% - 50% Battery Remaining

    3. OOO : 50% - 75% Battery Remaining

    4. OOOO : 75% - 100% Battery Remaining

  5. Power Switch: Please connect the right cable to your mobile phone charging slot and then turn on the power switch to start charging your phone.


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